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Hi, I'm Danny Fong. I'm a professional teacher, touring vocalist, a cappella arranger, recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and mentor. My philosophy of teaching is to teach a love of music and to be an overall positive, and professional influence to my students of any age. It's important to feel safe and trusting with any kind of teacher, and I make it my purpose to establish this connection immediately. With adolescents, I typically develop a relationship with the parents as well, because I believe my presence is one that is welcomed by all. Have a trial lesson and see for yourself!

About me:
I have a B.Music and B.Education degrees and have been teaching voice and piano lessons for 8 years. Besides teaching music part time:

I travel around the globe with my vocal group Accent (, performing and leading clinics on vocal technique and jazz harmony. We were recently nominated for a Grammy award for a our new album.

I am a paid soloist and section leader at First Unitarian Church in Toronto, where I perform weekly with the choir.

I am a freelance vocalist lending my voice to many different recording projects.

I am a YouTube artist/creator who releases two videos each month in a variety of different styles. (


$60 / hour

I am happy to travel to to you to teach lessons from the comfort of your own home. It is helpful if you have a keyboard or guitar, as I accompany my students so they can sing any styles they're interested in.

Some of my thoughts about music lessons:
Hour-long voice lessons (recommended) are more than just practicing music. It's an hour where you or your child spends with me. Obviously, we will spend time working on singing, breathing and technique, but we also will spend time talking. Sometimes it's about music or the music industry, playing music from influential artists (outside of pop music) because so much can be learned by listening to and analyzing influential recordings. We may talk about jamming or playing in bands/working with other musicians, writing songs or arrangements, singing in harmony, or even things in personal life. I have a lot of experience to share as I make my living purely in music.

I want to be, not only an amazing influence musically in your lives, but someone who offers stories and my own life experiences to help understand the bigger picture of music for pleasure or as a career. I want to find families that understand the importance of role models because I'm equally interested in building a positive relationship with you as I am with helping you learn more about your own voice. Vocal lessons should not only be informative, but also fun and engaging. Every person's voice is different and it's interesting to discover the unique traits of it for both you and I.

Engaging in deeper conversation about different styles of music can open your mind to so many possibilities.

Here are some focused areas of expertise:

•Confidence in presenting your voice through exceptional technique
•Performance techniques that captivate audiences
•Proper body alignment and relaxation
•Breathing technique from Yoga Teachings
•Tone placement and production
•How to deal with illness and maintain vocal health
•How to build a song repertoire in any style
•Microphone technique
•Improvisation and Theory
•Composition and Arranging
•Performing and Stage Presence
•Ear Training and Harmonizing


Phone (click number to call): 647522XXXX
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