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***CHEAPEST PRICES for QUALITY SERVICE*** Are you tired of getting lousy B's or C's on your essays or assignments? Or are you frustrated by employers who never seem to call you after you have submitted your resume? The services of Ace Editing might be just what you need in order to score that A+ on your next assignment, or in order to land the job of your dreams.

Many students do not realize that writing style and all of its related elements (e.g. grammar, punctuation, flow, referencing, etc.) is oftentimes the defining factor between earning an A or a B on an assignment such as an essay. Your essay's content could be quite brilliant; however, if the writing style is poor, you may find yourself receiving a B on a paper that really deserved an A! Similarly, an employer might unfortunately overlook your resume when you indeed are qualified! With my editing services, you won't fall victim to these annoyances, and you will also discover simple ways in which you could improve your own writing without having to continually use my services. I am, after all, passionately interested in your success!!!

What do you mean by 'edit'? What specific services do you offer?

- spelling

- grammar

- run-on sentences

- awkward sentences

- writing style enhancements

- punctuation

- consistency

- word choice

- flow improvements

- correct your English

- correcting the composition and organization of ideas

- trimming to meet word count/page confinements

- referencing/works cited errors

- formatting

- feedback


Other Services Offered:

- resume and CV editing

- custom resume and CV construction/development

- LinkedIn profile creation

- LinkedIn profile editing

- Facebook business profile creation

- Facebook business profile editing

- university applications; personal statements; biographical sketches

- job application cover letters

- book/novel editing

- legal document editing and thorough review (e.g. Claims, traffic offense documents, lease agreement)

- research letter of intent editing

- business ad editing

- business proposal and portfolio editing

- scholarship essays

- grant proposal editing

- 24-hour express service available (starting at $9.00)

- Urgent service (i.e. return time of 3 days or less) may be subject to an urgent-return fee

Why choose Ace Editing? The answer is simple: You have the talents of a legitimate, all-around academic genius, right here at your disposal! Also, as editing is quite easy/second nature for me, my rates are reasonably cheap!!!


What are my credentials?

- studied at both the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto, St. George

- offered admission by Harvard University, in addition to top law schools such as the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of Manchester

- broke several academic records (for both essays and examinations), scoring the highest mark in each instance and, thus, gaining recognition from various professors

- former marker and mentor in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies

- very experienced with the social sciences (e.g. law, political science, economics, sociology, history, geography) as well as the sciences (biology and chemistry)

- former editor of Imprint, UW's main newspaper; also founded Imprint's first Canadian Legal Case Review segment

- former chair of Imprint Corporation's policies and procedures committee

- former author at Imprint, as well as The Mike, a University of Toronto publication

- appointed to formulate and amend policies/laws governing all universities across Ontario; saw policies that I had single-handedly proposed enacted into law

- and the list definitely goes on...



Essay/Paper/Assignment Editing

1-3 pages --> $30.00

4-9 pages --> $45.00

10-16 pages --> $65.00

17-26 pages --> $75.00

27-36 pages --> $90.00

37-47 pages --> $105.00

48-56 pages --> $125.00

+$5.00 for editing references/works cited pages (not included in page count for pricing purposes)

Resume & Curriculum Vitae Editing: $12.00/page ‎(single-spaced*)

**[Content edited - resume design and format unchanged]

Resume & Curriculum Vitae Construction/Development (single-spaced*)

**[Content edited; formatting and design refined]:

1 page --> $25.00

2-3 pages --> $35.00 + $8.50 per additional page after 3 pages

Cover Letter Writing: $75.00 for every 1-2 pages (single-spaced)

Cover Letter Editing: $35.00 for every 1-2 pages (single-spaced)


***Professional and quality work guaranteed***

***Client confidentiality guaranteed***

***Money-back guarantee for dissatisfaction, within reasonable limits***

***Note that AceEditing has the right to provide a quote for services offered, separate from the prices listed herein***

***Acceptable payment methods include e-transfer with Interac, credit card, visa-debit card, and PayPal. Note that any payment not made with Interac will incur a $4.50 processing fee***

***Inquire about these editing services at [email protected]***

***Inquire about my private academic coaching/tutouring services and group sessions at [email protected]***

***Price structure based on the standard of 12pt font size and double-spaced pages for essays and reports***


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