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We make all types of patterns for Per - Dogs.

This service is fully computerized, so we can create a first pattern from sketch or by rough sample. We can work with a company that is already established or a new designer that wants to develop a line. We have the ability to work with anyone Seattle-based or even throughout the world.

Simply send us the sketch or sample to copy. We can also work with any one that has Digital software. All you need to do is e-mail us the sketch or existing pattern that needs to revised.

Our pattern service is capable of digitizing any existing pattern form a hard pattern or pattern that is bought from a retail store.

MARKER: We can do auto-layout or manual-layout depending upon your needs.

GRADING: We can set up your grade rules based on your standard jump or manual grading.

DESIGNING: We can help you perfect or provide ideas for change of your existing pattern you prefer for production cutting.

REVISION: We can revise any pattern that has production complications, or has been initiated by other pattern making service.
Production: We do have constructors base in China who’s making production for us including labelling and packaging.

Our team mixed Canadian and Chinese.
Pattern and designing will be 100% made by Canadians who is expert. Only production made in China.

To be able to proceed your production in our factory in China the minimum amount at least 300+ pieces.
Please kindly only contact us if you’re planned to make at least 300+ pieces.



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