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Whether you’re looking to lose weight fast, participate in a general weight loss program, build big muscles or just get lean , tight and toned, (or any combination of those) WE offer the training that will get you the best results ... the FASTEST. If you don't believe us come over and check us out for yourself!

From pro athletes right down to couch potatoes ... we get the results that people are looking for ... FAST... or your money back. Having said that, we challenge you to find any boot camp in Toronto or scarborough or even any personal training in Scarborough OR personal training In Toronto that will offer you such a guarantee! We’ve got some new “before and after” pics so come on over and see for yourself! No BootCamp will give you THESE results!

Here's a small sample of what others have said about us:

"Are you really certified? Your rates are ONE THIRD of what I've researched so far!"


"This experience has been the best of my life. I can't believe I ENJOY exercise now"


"If you ever want me to write a blurb for your website I'd be all over that. Even though I work REALLY hard here, I find it a very calming and relaxed experienced ... does that sound weird? Oh and by the way ... I've lost just about 115 pounds so far!!!"


"Personality makes all the difference, you make the sessions go so much easier"


"The thing I lOVE about your sessions is that you're so positive and you make me feel like I'm the only client you have"


"I've been working out for many years now and after being here for just a few weeks I've realized that there is sooooo much to learn!"
SIXTEEN pounds down so far! ... I've never lost this much weight in this short of time without starving myself!" (This client had been with me for 4 weeks at the time of this comment)


As a woman, we're programmed to be "the weaker sex". Today I feel stronger and more empowered than I've ever felt before in my life. I can't tell you what that has done for my self esteem!"


"Do I TRULY get my money back if I don't meet my goals? What's the catch ... I've never heard of such a thing in all my experience with Personal Trainers!"


Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for te difference you've made in my life. As you know even though I live in Toronto and was looking for a general weightloss program in Scarborough (I work there) I certainly didn't think a Personal Trainer was what I needed. (or could afford for that matter!)

However what you didn't know was that I saw one of my friends (who I hadn't seen in a while) on your website and I almost didn't recognize her! I had called her up and she couldn't stop talking about how great your sessions were and how they had given her more results than any weightloss program had ever done.

What you also don't know was that I was convinced by her to come to see you and am I glad I did. I'm now in the best shape of my life and loving it!

So what are YOU waiting for? :) If you’re seriously looking for a Personal Trainer in Scarborough then visit us to check out our before and after shots and then give us a call right away!


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