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All pics are of current clients. More client before and after pics coming soon! You could be next! Hi, first let me state that I am, and always have been 100% natural. The transformations my clients have made have been with nothing more than food and exercise! No supplements & of course no performance-enhancing drugs! I'm a personal trainer who believes in leading by example! As a former competitive kick-boxer & fitness competitor one of my specialities is cutting weight and staying strong and lean. I will train you to achieve and maintain: *Weight loss *Muscle gains *Functional strength Since I have left the big corporate commercial fitness gyms I can now slash my session fees in more than half!! Your workouts will constantly change, keep you mentally stimulated and your body continuously adapting to meet the demands of the work load. Thus, avoiding progress halting plateaus! Some workouts are timed, but all work is tracked so that intensity can be maximized. Heavy lifts are recorded so that percentages can be calculated and used in other workouts. If you want to reach your goals you have to record and track progress! Tracking workouts will teach you accountability! Thus, helping create a blue print for future success! Fees to train in my home studio private gym: $55 for 1 session/week $65 for 2 sessions/week $75 for 3 sessions/week $85 for 4 sessions/week $95 for 5 sessions/week $95/session for me to travel to you


Phone (click number to call): 416 939-XXXX
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Service Location: North York, ON M2J 1M7, Canada


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