National Charitable Credit Counselling and Financial Education

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     When someone connects with Consolidated Credit they are offered free, impartial, no obligation credit counselling services, both over the phone and/or face-to-face across Canada. Counsellors assist in the review of a stable monthly budget while making suggestions on areas of potential savings or obvious overspending.

Consolidated Credit counsellors perform free ‘soft-pulls’ on TransUnion credit files (useful when the caller is unsure of debts/balances being carried) and we then offer an assessment of all legitimate debt-repayment options available (i.e. not informal debt settlements or dangerous credit repair options) to an individual based on their personal circumstances and their ability to repay outstanding debts. 

If a budget shows an insurmountable deficit we’ll provide information and advise on the formal insolvency processes of consumer proposal or, as a last resort, personal bankruptcy through a licensed trustee.


Phone (click number to call): 1 (888) 477 XXXX (Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada)
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Service Location: Canada


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