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Take advantage of the most innovative, thorough, personalized online fitness, weight-loss, muscle-building and body-transformation coaching service using originally developed methods.

Beginners: start out right and avoid the common costly beginner mistakes that lead to injuries and time wasted on inefficient and often harmful workouts and diets.

Experienced trainees: ensure continued progress as we uncover the weak links in your training and nutrition.

Get the body you want whether you work out at home with nothing but your own body or at a fully equipped public or home gym.

You will get fully personalized affordable online coaching for any goal:
- Sustainable weight loss without starvation or constant hunger while enjoying satisfying, nutritious, health-promoting meals.
- Building a lean, muscular body.
- Body transformation, recomposition (losing fat and gaining muscle).
- Gaining strength.
- General fitness, wellness, looking, moving and feeling better, improving health and the quality of life.

We don’t try to fit you to a pre-made program but design a program that best fits you based on your specific goals, abilities and circumstances, your workout history, if any, and many other individual factors. Your personal preferences in exercises or training methods (what you like or dislike doing) will also be respected.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Simply reply to this ad specifying your age, height, weight, goals, physical condition, workout experience, equipment and time available and anything else you deem relevant. We will respond with an analysis of your condition and broad outline of how we can help you reach your goals.

Then, if you choose to sign up, each month you will receive your custom-made workout program for the next month and individualized nutritional recommendations based on a comprehensive questionnaire. Based on your feedback, your program will be modified and adjusted as necessary during the month and changed monthly, reflecting your progress and improving condition. Your exercise form will be assessed by video and any needed corrections will be prescribed. We provide unlimited support via e-mail.

Why choose online coaching:
- Affordability: it costs but a small fraction of the price tag of working out with a trainer present.
- Flexibility: you will always be able to fit your workouts around a changing schedule.
- It is the only feasible form of personal training if you travel frequently.
- Your coach is always accessible for any questions.

You can also call or text us at 4-1-6 – 6-2-7 – 4-3-9-2.

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