Drone Services - Aerial Photography & Video, Real Estate Video

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At Sky UAV Solutions, we provide drone services of aerial photography and video in the following areas:

1. Real estate photography and video;

2. Commercial drone photography and video;

3. Construction and industrial aerial work;

4. Wedding and events aerial video;

5. Stock video for sale (Toronto City Skyline);

We provide post-product processing for all above packages.

Email to [email protected] or call 416-526-9807 for a quote.

For reference or video examples, please visit our website:


We are fully licensed and certified Canadian drone operator with the standing SFOC issued by Transport Canada.


Phone (click number to call): 416-526-XXXX
Keywords: Aerial photography, stock video for sale, fully licensed, Toronto, Canada

Service Photos: click on photo

Service Location: Toronto, ON, Canada


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