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Are ads on Helpaid free?
YES, ads in Helpiad is free and it will always be free.

Is it going to cost you any fees in the future?
Posting regular advertisement is free and will always be free. But if you want to highlight (or make it visible) the ad and add it to our featured listings, then only it will cost you some money. Currently, we do not have any featured listings but our dev team are working very hard towards featuring your ad.

You can use features to make your ad stand out in the listings. They give you more visibility and a better chance at selling. There are a few different ones, so it’s good to know what they do. It makes choosing easier.

When can I feature my ad?
Whenever you like, some people choose to do it when they post a brand new ad. But you can post a regular ad and later feature it if you see you’re not getting the response you wanted.

And how do I do it?
There are two ways to do it. Find the ad you want to feature in your ‘Manage my ads’ page. You can either click on the ‘Promote’ button or the ‘Edit’ button at the side. The difference is that ‘Promote’ lets you feature the ad without accessing it directly. The ‘Edit’ options opens the ad and lets you choose the feature you want, but also lets you change other parts of the ad as well.

What else should I know?
Once you feature your ad, it is non-refundable, so make sure you choose the right one. Also, you won’t be able to remove the feature from your ad or transfer it to another ad. Just in case you don’t like the particular feature, you’ll have to delete your ad and post a new one.

Enjoy the free advertisement posting in!!!

Please contact: [email protected] if you have any further queries.